Frequently Asked Questions

What is Celebrate on Wheels?

Celebrate on Wheels is a luxurious Caravan and RV rental services that provide you with an exquisite caravan celebration experience and caravan vacations to enable you to enjoy your happy moments in a whole new way. We bring to you premium caravan experience at affordable prices. With customized itineraries and prompt services, we will provide you with an experience to create lifelong memories.

What is the rental cost?

Ans) The rental cost starts from Rs. 6100 for 3 hrs. The cost may vary as per the latest offers or group discount. For the exact rental cost please contact us at

What all services are included in the rental cost?

The services in renting for 3 hrs include the cost of a driver, helper (if needed), diesel charges. For extended vacation or experiences, the services may vary.

Would the Caravan be parked at a safe location?

The caravan parking locations are completely safe and are in association with resorts, hotels and local tourist spots. Nevertheless, necessary precautions must always be taken regarding the safety of the caravan such as locking doors when leaving the caravan, informing others in the group while leaving the caravan, be cautious about strangers and tracking of all your belongings.

Is Caravan available on per kilometer basis?

Yes, you can rent the caravan on per kilometer basis but with the driver. For details please contact us at….

Are There Specific Parking Locations for The Caravan?

Yes, most of the parking locations are in the local resort premises, considering the safety. All the relevant details will be provided on booking.

Can I Drive the Caravan myself If I have HV License?

No, our insurance requires our professional drivers to be at the wheel at all the times.

Have the driver and helper undergone A background check?

Yes, all our staff has undergone security checks and they are very ethical and professional.

What Are the Food Options?

Our Caravan is equipped with induction stove and a microwave and an additional complete set of utensils to help you cook. You can make your trip memorable by cooking together, having a barbecue or trying some local cuisines and delicacy in the best restaurants nearby.

Will I Have Phone Connectivity (Mobile Signal)?

Phone connectivity is dependent on your carrier and the location you plan to travel to. Some parking locations have limited signal, where GPS or Wi-Fi might not work. We suggest you downloading online maps for offline use as much as possible.

Does the Caravan Have A TV And A Music System?

Yes, our Caravan are equipped with various amenities including LCD TVs and a music system. To get the full list of amenities that our Caravan offers please check our packages page.

Does the Caravan Have Restroom/Bathroom?

Yes, our caravan has bathrooms equipped with WC, wash basin and shower. To get the full list of amenities that our Caravan offers please check the packages page.

What Happens If my Vehicle Breaks down?

Vehicle breakdowns can happen anytime and anywhere, as is the case with any means of transport. They will be dealt from our end AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Any days or time lost due to the breakdowns will be added to the itinerary to complete the planned visits. Depending on the situation and the need, alternate travel arrangements would be made to ensure that the pre-decided schedule is adhered to.

Do you provide Caravan for a day?

Yes, we provide our caravan for a day. The rental cost may vary depending on the services included and the planned destination. For more details please contact us at………

What are the various adventure trip destinations that you offer?

We offer adventure trips to various destinations like Ranthambore, Sariska, Jaisalmer to name a few. For more details related to our adventure trip and other packages please visit our packages page.

Do you offer customized packages?

Yes, we offer customized packages based on your budget, needs and plans. To get your package customized please contact us at………

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